1st international Birchmouse experts exchange - book of abstracts, presentations and results (PDF, ~ 30 MB)


single contributions and abstracts in alphabetical order


Bina, Pavel (S): The Northern Birch Mouse (Sicista betulina) in Sweden (PDF)


Bina, Pavel (S): Sicista betulina in the Czech Republic (PDF)


Hegyeli, Zsolt & Zsuzsanna Aczél-Fridrich (RO): Status of the Nothern Birch Mouse (Sicista betulina) in Romania (PDF)


Henttonen, Heikki & U.-M. Liukko (FI): Birch mouse in Finland


Moller, Julie Dahl (DK): The Danish Birch Mouse Project after 2008: Experts and volunteers gather a complete new knowledge


Pilats, Valdis & Digna Pilāte (LV): Sicista betulina in the Baltics and Northwest Russia - similarities and differrences (PDF)


Schulz, Björn, Christoph Herden & Julian Bock (D): Known since 1936 - and still present? Recent attempts to survey Sicista betulina in Northern Germany (PDF)


Timm, Uudo (EST): Sicista betulina in Estonia (PDF)


van der Kooij, Jeroen (N): Surveying the Birch Mouse Sicista betulina in Norway (PDF)


Vakhrusheva, Galina & Olga Ilchenko (RUS): Historic and recent knowledge about Sicista betulina from Russian literature and experts interviews (PDF)